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Hi! I’m Patrick, and I set up Rambunctious with the goal of making tech straightforward for innovative businesses.

I've spent the past decade building tech for start-ups, and now offer my services as a consultant to help entrepreneurs get early stage ideas off the ground.

We aim to accommodate all budgets, so whatever your business, whatever your current tech needs, and whatever your stage of growth, we can help - just drop us a line!



Electronic design platform. We built the web MVP for the product's initial grant-funded launch.


E-book subscription service. We conducted a series of experiments to validate the concept and then built the MVP.

The Intro

Matchmaking service. We built matching algorithms and a cross-platform mobile app to prove demand in alpha and beta stages and help the founder raise seed investment.

Book Club Guru

Bespoke book subscriptions. We launched an MVP, iterated to optimise conversion rates, and added integrations with 3rd-party APIs to turn the minimum viable product into the minimum loveable product.

Generation Home

Mortgage start-up. We built MVPs of the company's consumer-facing tech offerings.

Rook International

Grant-awarding platform for trusts and charities. We worked with the founder to build a prototype to allow them to start pitching to investors and corporate partners.

Think Smart

Career exploration platform for students. We adapted the initial B2C MVP to enable a variety of B2B business models.

Find a Book Club

Social listings website. An MVP of a web app allowing readers around the UK to connect with one another.


Wellness travel marketplace. We overhauled the site following its purchase by a new owner.

Who We Are

Patrick Gleeson has been working as a coder and a manager of coders for over a decade. His experience spans CTO roles at early-stage startups as well as management roles in large international organisations and a broad range of consultancy work. He has degrees in philosophy, technical theatre and business administration. He once built a mechanical octopus that played the xylophone. LinkedIn | Personal site

Rambunctious works with a network of talented freelancers whose experience spans development, design and product strategy on a project-by-project basis.

Patrick is the author of Working With Coders: A Guide To Software Development For The Perplexed Non-Techie. Published by Apress, it is an invaluable resource for all entrepreneurs whose business involves an app or website.

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